Director's Messages

Pain is the product of one of the most basic parts of the nervous system. That system is essential in protecting us from injury.

Acute stroke therapy has finally turned a historic corner.

For NINDS, 2014 was marked by momentous transition, major accomplishments, and exciting opportunities.

Neuroscience is fun, fascinating and often intensely focused, either on furthering our understanding of how the nervous system works or on improving treatments for tragic neurological disorders.

In partnership with nine other Institutes and Centers (ICs), NINDS helps support and coordinate the NIH BRAIN Initiative.

At some point in their lifetime, an estimated 1 in 26 people will develop epilepsy— brain disorders characterized by seizures in which clusters of nerve cells, or neurons, are activated in an abnor

Neuroscience is experiencing a period of impressive growth and is attracting the brightest and most enthusiastic students of any area of science.  The number of NIH-supported trainees graduating wi

Earlier this year, Dr.

Working with Story Landis over the past seven years has not only been professionally fulfilling, but also an exciting learning experience.