Find NINDS Clinical Trials

Study Title Sort descending Disorders Status Study Location
Aneurysms and Carotid Artery Block in Newborns Completed Maryland
Anticoagulation in ICH Survivors for Stroke Prevention and Recovery Recruiting Multiple U.S. Locations
Antiepileptic Drugs and Vascular Risk Markers Terminated
Antihypertensive Treatment in Acute Cerebral Hemorrhage Stroke Completed Multiple U.S. Locations
Antihypertensive Treatment of Acute Cerebral Hemorrhage-II Terminated Multiple U.S. Locations
Antiplatelet Therapy to Prevent Stroke in African Americans Stroke Completed Illinois
Approaches and Decisions for Acute Pediatric TBI Trial Completed Multiple U.S. Locations
Areas of Brain Responsible for Understanding American Sign Language Completed Maryland
Arm Rehabilitation Study After Stroke Stroke Completed Multiple U.S. Locations
ARTFL LEFFTDS Longitudinal Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration (ALLFTD) Recruiting Multiple U.S. Locations
Aspirin Or Warfarin To Prevent Stroke Stroke Terminated Georgia
Aspirin Prophylaxis in Sickle Cell Disease Completed
Assessing Clinical Endpoints and Biomarkers in Myotonic Dystrophy Type-1 and Type 2 (ASCEND-DM) Terminated Maryland*
Assessing Tele-Health Outcomes in Multiyear Extensions of PD Trials Enrolling by Invitation New York
Assessment of N-Acetylcysteine as Therapy for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Recruiting New York
Assessment of Patients With Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Multiple Sclerosis, Tropical Spastic Paraparesis Completed Maryland
Association Between Focal Dystonia and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Completed Maryland
AtRial Cardiopathy and Antithrombotic Drugs In Prevention After Cryptogenic Stroke Stroke Recruiting Multiple U.S. Locations
Attentional Performance in Parkinson Disease Parkinson's Disease Withdrawn Maryland*
Augmenting Effects of L-DOPS With Carbidopa and Entacapone Multiple System Atrophy Terminated Maryland