A Blue Sky Vision for the Future of Neuroscience

The NINDS began its strategic planning process with the development of a Blue Sky Vision for the future of neuroscience and the broad goals for the Institute over the next fifteen years. Toward this vision, the NINDS gathered input on the following types of questions from its staff and from the larger neuroscience community, including research scientists, clinicians, non-profit organizations, patients, caregivers and other members of the public with an interest in the future of neuroscience.

In fifteen years,

  • What will the neuroscience research landscape look like?
  • What challenges and opportunities can we expect?
  • What scientific and technological advances could revolutionize basic and clinical neuroscience?
  • How can NINDS best contribute within the broader neuroscience research enterprise?
  • What ethical, legal and social issues related to neuroscience research will emerge?
  • Ideas generated through Blue Sky activities provided an overall visionary context for the recommendations of the strategic planning modules. The following documents summarize the input received.