2017 Exceptional Summer Student Award Winners

2017 Exceptional Summer Student Award Winners

Student Winning Presentations

  • Mary Alice Allnutt
    Chromosomally integrated Human Herpesvirus-6 (ciHHV-6): Detection in Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes by Droplet Digital PCR
  • Aleksandra Dagunts
    Identification and Characterization of Novel D4 Dopamine Receptor Antagonists with High Affinity and Selectivity
  • Brianna Disanza
    The Critical Role of Human Endogenous Retroviruses (HERVs) in Atypical Teratoid/Rhabdoid Neurodevelopmental Tumors (ATRTs)
  • David Espinoza
    Conversion of Human iPS Cells to Sensory Neurons
  • Graeme Fenton
    Missense mutations at spastin residue 499 impair endosomal trafficking and result in clinically different neurologic syndromes
  • Noah Fu
    Late Endosomes Facilitate the Removal of Axonal ER-derived Vesicles
  • Hyong Kim
    Light-induced physiological responses in local interneurons of Drosophila larval visual circuit are regulated by muscarinic receptor signaling pathway
  • Mazda Moayeri
    Automated Segmentation of Spinal Cord Lesions in Marmoset EAE
  • Matt Nalls
    Screening of morpholino antisense oligonucleotides (PMOs) for skipping of a pseudoexon inclusion in the COL6A1 gene
  • Arnold Obungu
    Validation of PD-L1 expression in high grade gliomas as an independent
  • Jacob Rosales
    Generation of ALS4 patient-derived motor neurons using a transcription factor overexpression system
  • Alexander Silva
    Discovery of two meningeal macrophage populations with differential roles during homeostasis and inflammation
  • Molly Weiner
    Characterization of Cortical Lesions in Marmoset Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis
  • Conner Whitten
    Evolution of Neuroinflammatory Lesions in Human Subjects with CTLA4 Haploinsufficiency
  • Yiqiu Yang
    Looking for Electrophysiological Biomarkers of Executive Function in the Hemiparkinsonian Rat Model
  • Angela Yim
    Tonic Pain Processing in the Basal Ganglia-Thalamocortical Circuit in Hemiparkinsonian Rats

NINDS 2017 Honorable Mention Summer Student Award Winners

  • Amelia Hall
    P3 Cone Responses of Zebrafish Thyroxin beta-2 Nuclear-Receptor Knockout to Various Light Wavelengths
  • Kara Quaid
    Prognostic Modelling of Stroke Patients using Clinical Data
  • Cyrus Rastegar
    Human endogenous retrovirus K is more active in the blood of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patients and can be targeted by antiretroviral therapy
  • Christine Shen
    Roles of CaMKII and glutamate receptors at the postsynaptic density in hippocampal synapses
  • Carol Sun
    Adjusting Protein Levels for Genotype to Improve the Accuracy of Multiple Sclerosis Diagnostic Tests
  • Ronald Wang
    Assessing predicted off-target effects of CRISPR-Cas9 system during polyglutamine length-specific isogenic engineering of a SBMA hiPSC model

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