2016 NINDS Exceptional Summer Student Award Recipients

2016 Exceptional Summer Student Award Winners

Student Winning Presentations

NINDS 2016 Exceptional Summer Student Award Recipients

  • Kelly Chen
    Tomographic Analysis of Mouse Photoreceptor Cells to Determine Light-Induced Changes in Protein Composition
  • Mara Cohen
    The effects of activation of inhibitory DREADD in the substantia nigra pars reticulate on motor cortex activity and dyskinesia in a rodent model of Parkinson’s disease
  • Chaitali Chitnis
    Comparison of Various Automatic Segmentation Software for Lesion Detection in HIV Patients
  • Joanne Compo
    Rehabilitation intervention leads to improved muscle strength and function in a spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy patient
  • Austin Feng
    Tales of two types of scaffold molecules at the postsynaptic density
  • Aleksander Fuksenko
    Crowd-Sourced System for Labeling of 3D Electron Microscopy Connectome Data: Functionality Upgrade
  • Selena Gonzalez
    Exploring Pain Threshold in the Awake Behaving Rodent Model of Parkinson’s Disease Using Neurophysiological Techniques
  • Chana Heyman
    Does Abnormal Autonomic Cardiovascular Regulation Predict Parkinson’s Disease
  • Natasa Kostic
    Crowd-Sourced System for Labeling of 3D Electron Microscopy Connectome Data: Functionality Upgrade
  • Jane Lee
    Influence of the Parietal Cortex on Motor Surround Inhibition in Healthy Adults – A TMS Study
  • Alexandra Mandel
    Analysis of Pulse Oximetry in Detecting Seizure-Induced Respiratory Dysfunction
  • Jason Mazique
    Overexpression of the Cdk5 inhibitory peptide (CIP) in motor neurons ameliorates neuroinflammation in a mouse model of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  • Kenny Nguyen
    Presynaptic Capture of Axonal Mitochondria is Mediated by Actin Cytoskeleton
  • Robert Pourier
    Cross Sectional Measurements of the Cervical Spinal Cord at 3 Tesla in Neurologically Asymptomatic First-Degree Relatives of Multiple Sclerosis Patients and Healthy Controls
  • Lauren Price
    Concurrent alterations in local field potential and neuronal activity in the basal ganglia-thalamocortical circuit: from bradykinesia to L-DOPA-induced dyskinesia in the hemiparkinsonian rat
  • Vedika Rajasekaran
    Impact of Interferon β-1a on CCL2/MCP1 Levels in Isolated Astrocytes
  • Cyrus Rastegar
    Mechanisms of Neurotoxicity of HERV-K in ALS
  • Devin Scott
    Does hippocampal neurogenesis affect reward preference?
  • Katherine Sizov
    CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing of Dominant Collagen VI-Related Muscular Dystrophy Mutations
  • Zachary Skemp
    Crowd-Sourced System for Labeling of 3D Electron Microscopy Connectome Data: Functionality Upgrade
  • Christopher Stang
    Structure-activity analysis of a novel series of D4 dopamine receptor-selective ligands
  • Katherine Sun
    Development of a genotype score of prediction of Multiple Sclerosis severity
  • Tara Suresh
    Functional consequences of trβ2 overexpression in zebrafish retina
  • Alan Tang
    Viral-induced changes to Neuroepithelial Structure, Sensory Function, and Barrier Capacity
  • Joseph Tharayil
    Development of a Clinical Trial Simulator for Epilepsy
  • Dana Toy
    Proteins That Bridge the Postsynaptic Density and Actin Cytoskeleton
  • Daniela Velazquez
    Efferent Projections of PKCδ-expressing cells in the Central Amygdala
  • Ashtyn Winchell
    The role of the right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in implicit sequence learning with and without feedback

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