Small Business Award Information

Small Business Award Information

IMPORTANT: If NINDS staff has indicated that your grant is likely to be funded, but hasn't been awarded, check with your grants management specialist to determine if they are waiting on a specific piece of information. NINDS will not release the Notice of Grant Award (NGA) until all requested documentation has been received and all requirements completed.

When Your Application Is Approved for Funding

  • NINDS staff will contact you or your institution if your application is approved for funding to discuss when the award is to start and the funding level of project.
  • If it is your institution's first NIH award, you should review the NIH "Welcome Wagon" letter that provides important information on what to do.
  • To avoid delays be prepared to submit the following information: The NINDS grants management specialist will ask that you submit your Just In Time information via the NIH eRA Commons and provide the following: 
    • SBIR/STTR Verification Statement
    • Financial Evaluation form
    • W-9 tax form to establish an EIN if you are a new grantee.
    • Shareholders:  Please provide a list of the majority shareholders with percentages of holdings, including Institutional investors and venture capital investment companies
    • Most recently audited financial balance sheet; or if the organization does not have an audited financial statement, a current balance sheet.  If the working capital ratio (total current assets divided by total current liabilities) on the financial statement or current balance sheet is less than 1:1 ratio; (a) provide a cash flow forecast for the organization covering the entire budget period, (b) a bank line of credit or other source of funds that could be accessed to cover working capital shortages, and (c) information regarding any outstanding loans
    • Updated "Other Support" information for all key personnel listing all active and pending Federal, non-Federal, commercial or institutional in calendar months.  If there is overlap, please provide details on how it will be adjusted or eliminated if the application is funded.  If there is no overlap, state "there is no scientific or budgetary overlap" beneath each source of other support. 
    • Current Certification of IRB approval for each performance site of the proposed use of human subjects.  If the human subjects research is performed at the awardee institution or other performance site, an Federal Wide Assurance (FWA) is to be established with the Office for Human Research Protections.
    • Current Certification of IACUC approval for each performance site of the proposed use of live vertebrate animal subjects.  By providing us with a copy of the IACUC approval letter(s) and interinstitutional agreement will initiate the process in establishing your Assurance number.
    • If you have negotiated a Facilities and Administrative Rate (formerly Indirect Cost Rate), with any agency of the Federal Government, please provide a copy of the signed agreement.
    • A copy of the Articles of Incorporation with a list of your Board of Directors with titles and a copy of the organization's business license. 
    • The name, address and telephone number of the bookkeeper or accountant of the company
    • Documentation regarding ownership structure of the organization and your employment status.  Indicate whether or not this is a sole proprietorship
    • A copy of your travel, purchasing and personnel policies, including a copy of your salary and wage scale.  If these policies are not written, please provide a brief description of how you account for funds allocated to a particular project.
  • You may be asked to submit additional information, e.g., updated information on budget costs and other support or information, and certification of institutional approval of human subjects research. It is important to send theses items to us as soon as possible since issuing the award will be contingent on receipt of this information from you.
  • Upon satisfactory completion of all requirements, NINDS will send your institution a Notice of Grant Award, which states the amount of funding for the current year, funding committed for future years, start and end dates, and the terms and conditions of the award.


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