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This is a study to investigate the use of two targeting techniques for botulinum toxin (BoNT) injection for the treatment of focal hand dystonia and upper limb spasticity: Electrophysiologic guidance, using electrical stimulation, and ultrasound. Subjects will be selected from the clinical programs of both Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and the National Institutes of Health who are already receiving upper limb onabotulinumtoxin A injections clinically. The study will consist of four visits. Visit one consists of screening subjects who will then be consented and randomized to one of the two treatment techniques for their onaBoNT injection: 1) Electrophysiologic guidance using electrical stimulation or 2) ultrasound. Visit 2 will occur at week 4 where the subjects will return for a follow up visit to have blinded evaluator measurements of efficacy and strength and to capture safety data. Visit 3 will be at week 12 when subjects will cross over and have the opposite treatment technique during their onaBoNT injection. Visit 4 will occur at week 16 as the final assessment where subjects will have measurements of efficacy and strength and to capture safety data by the blinded evaluator.

Eligibility Criteria:

- INCLUSION CRITERIA: - Confirmed diagnosis of focal hand dystonia (FHD) or upper limb spasticity - Stable onabotulinumtoxinA regimen and response for at least 2 treatment sessions, defined as no more than 15% difference in response on a visual analogue scale, with identical muscles targeted and dose at each session. - Receiving botulinum toxin injections under 85-N-0195 - Age 18 and above EXCLUSION CRITERIA: - Contraindications to botulinum toxin such as a concomitant neuromuscular disorder or neuromuscular junction disorder - Pregnancy or nursing - Cognitive impairment and/or capacity impairment preventing reliable outcome measures self-report.

Study Design:

Study Location:

Multiple U.S. Locations