Active Projects for Partnering

The Division of Translational Research funds programs to support new technology development and treatments for neurological disorders and prepares them for investor funding and corporate partnerships. We provide critical path funding and research resources for biotechnology companies and university42% funding to therapeutic small molecules, 21% to therapeutic/prevention devices, 17% to therapeutic biologics, 10% to diagnostic devices, 9% to research tools, 1% to biomarkers researchers to advance early-stage neurological technologies, devices, and therapeutic programs to industry adoption (i.e., investor funding and corporate partnerships). In the last fiscal year, our division funded research projects covering a wide range of modalities (see chart).

Please find below a list of active projects that would welcome new partners.

Full List of Active Projects for Partnering

Title Indication Institution Modality PI
A Combination Endovascular Device: Therapeutic Hypothermia with Stentriever Devices Stroke FOCALCOOL, LLC Therapeutic Device MERRILL, THOMAS L
A custom microchip amplifier for patch clamp electrophysiological recording Multiple Indications Intan Technologies, LLC Research Devices/Software Harrison, Reid
A Discovery and Development Pipeline for Cyanide Countermeasures Metabolic/Cellular Poisons Brigham and Women's Hospital Drug (small molecule) MacRae, Calum A
A microfluidic platform for modeling drug transport and cell trafficking across the blood-brain barrier Other NORTIS, INC. Research tool NEUMANN, THOMAS
A Microneedle Array System for Transcutaneous Nerve Mapping Other AXION BIOSYSTEMS, LLC Research tool ROSS, JAMES
A novel 3D-ultrasound platform using traditional 2D probes Other URSUS MEDICAL, LLC Imaging HAYES, THOMAS
A Novel Image Guided System to Mount Micro Targeting Platform for Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery to treat Parkinsons Disease Parkinson's Disease XORAN TECHNOLOGIES, LLC Diagnostic Device MAHROOGHY, MAJID
A Novel Myeloperoxidase Inhibitor for Treating Multiple Sclerosis Multiple Sclerosis RENEUROGEN, LLC Peptide Therapy Pritchard, Kirkwood
A Novel Pharmacological Treatment for Neuropathic Pain Pain APTINYX, INC. Drug (small molecule) MOSKAL, JOSEPH
A Pharmaco-Epigenomic Intervention for the Mitochondrial Disorder MELAS Mitochondrial Disorder George Washington University Drug (small molecule) Chiaramello, Anne Eliane
A Software Platform for Sensor-based Movement Disorder Recognition Movement Disorders Altec, Inc. Software De Luca, Gianluca
A software tool for objective identification of concussion-related vision disorders using a novel eye-tracking device Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Oculogica, INC. Diagnostic Device Master, Christina
A strategy for pharmacological treatment of global cerebral ischemia Stroke University of Colorado Denver Peptide Therapy Bayer, Ulrich
A Unified System for Wireless Optogenetics and Brain Microdialysis for Small Molecules: Prototype Development and Validation Other EICOM USA Research tool AZUMA, SHINJI
Accelerated AChE Reactivator Design by Mechanistic Neutron Scattering Studies Neurotoxic Agents University of California San Diego Drug (small molecule) Radic, Zoran
Advanced Bicycle Helmet Technology for Prevention of Traumatic Brain Injury Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) APEX BIOMEDICAL COMPANY, LLC Prevention device BOTTLANG, MICHAEL
Advanced morphological analysis of cerebral blood flow for acute concussion diagnosis and return-to-play determination Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) NEURAL ANALYTICS, INC. Diagnostic Device HAMILTON, ROBERT
Advanced therapeutic for Parkinsons Disease Parkinson's Disease INHIBIKASE THERAPEUTICS Drug (small molecule) WERNER, MILTON H
Advancing and calibrating anisotropic diffusion MR imaging brain connectome with Taxon brain network diffusion phantoms Other PSYCHOLOGY SOFTWARE TOOLS, INC. Imaging ZUCCOLOTTO, ANTHONY P
Allele-specific RNA-targeted lead compounds for Huntingtons disease Huntington's Disease Ribometrix, LLC Drug (small molecule) Warner, Katherine