Shantadurga Rajaram

Shantadurga Rajaram, Ph.D.

Scientific Review Officer
Photo of Shantadurga Rajaram

Dr. Shanta Rajaram received her Bachelor's Degree in Life Sciences and Biochemistry from the University of Bombay, India and her Ph.D. in Genetics from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. Prior to joining the NINDS as a Scientific Review Officer (SRO) in March 2005, she was a fellow in the Intramural Research Program at the National Institute of Mental Health. Her graduate and post-doctoral research involved the identification and characterization of genes and neural circuits that underlie the mechanism of action of general anesthetics. At the NINDS, Dr. Rajaram is the SRO for the NINDS Clinical Trials (NSD-K) Study Section. Dr. Rajaram's scientific expertise is in the areas of neurogenetics, molecular biology, behavior, synaptic physiology and pharmacology.