Patrick SF Bellgowan

Patrick SF Bellgowan, Ph.D.

Program Director, Repair and Plasticity
Photo of Patrick Bellgowan
Areas of Interest:
Basic, translational and clinical studies of traumatic brain injury (TBI), Cognitive/emotional domains affected by TBI

Dr. Patrick S.F. Bellgowan received his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee where he studied fear conditioning in rodents. He then did neuroimaging-focused postdoctoral fellowships at the Medical College of Wisconsin and at NIMH's Intramural Research Program. The research focus of these fellowships was on memory function in healthy controls and in epilepsy patients. Following his fellowship training, Dr. Bellgowan joined NIMH's Intramural Research Program as a Staff Scientist in the Laboratory of Brain and Cognition. Dr. Bellgowan left NIMH to join the development of a new neuroimaging-based psychiatric research institute in Oklahoma. He comes to NINDS from the Laureate Institute for Brain Research in Tulsa, OK where he served as Associate Professor and Director of Cognitive Research. While at the Laureate Institute, Dr. Bellgowan developed multiple competitively funded projects. His main research program focused on understanding the neurological and psychiatric sequelae of sports-related concussion using magnetic resonance neuroimaging and blood-based immunological markers.