Naomi E. Booker

Naomi E. Booker, M.P.H.

Operations Coordinator

Naomi Booker
Office of Global Health and Health Disparities
Division of Clinical Research

Naomi Booker joined the Division of Clinical Research at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) in 2020, as an Operations Coordinator. She serves as a liaison, supports the programmatic activities, and strategic planning efforts in the Office of Global Health and Health Disparities (OGHHD). Her areas of interest centers around the advancement of health equity research, analysis, and practice in diverse, underserved, and vulnerable populations. Also, she has knowledge and experience in coordination efforts to address health disparities, social determinants of health, and promote equitable health outcomes in communities. Naomi received a Master's in Public Health from the University of New England in 2019.