James W. Gnadt

James W. Gnadt, Ph.D.

Program Director, Systems and Cognitive Neuroscience
Photo of Jim Gnadt
Areas of Interest:
Sensory systems, Neuroendocrine systems, Thalamo-cortical functions, Computational neuroscience, Prosthetics control systems

In the Systems and Cognitive Neuroscience cluster, Dr. Gnadt oversees NINDS funding related to sensory, sensorimotor and neuroendocrine functions in the brain, quantitative experimental approaches, and some device development. Dr. Gnadt came to NINDS in 2008 from a career as a NIH-funded investigator in systems and quantitative neurophysiology since 1986 that spanned appointments at The Salk Institute, University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), Stony Brook, Howard and Georgetown Universities. Dr. Gnadt received his PhD in Physiology & Biophysics from UAB in 1985 and was an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow in 1993-95. He studied the neurological basis of cognitive, motor and sensory behavior by combining behavioral studies with in vivo & in vitro neurophysiology and systems control analyses. He was also co-inventor of an electrophysiological technique for using adaptive, spectral noise cancellation to allow real-time removal of microstimulation artifacts in neural recordings.