Health Scientist Administrator (Program Director) in Human Neurogenomics and Bioinformatics

Health Scientist Administrator (Program Director) in Human Neurogenomics and Bioinformatics

Position Description:   NINDS has a position opening for a Health Scientist Administrator (Program Director) in Human Neurogenomics and Bioinformatics in Bethesda, MD. The successful candidate will work with program staff to strengthen programs in neurogenomics including human genetics, epigenetics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, microbiome, and associated bioinformatics analysis.  The individual will manage/co-manage a portfolio of research grants, cooperative agreements and/or contracts to support integration and analysis of ‘omics’ with imaging and other clinical phenotypic data to study human neurological disorders; e.g., neurodevelopmental, seizure, neuromuscular, neurodegenerative and/or neurotrauma conditions.  Research within this portfolio will incorporate the following: mining and analyzing existing human and model system data using advanced bioinformatics and/or computational approaches (e.g., machine learning, deep learning) to predict the functional consequences of genomic changes; developing biomarkers for neurological disorders; describing gene regulatory pathways underlying neurological conditions; and integrating electronic medical records, genetic data, phenotypic data, and statistical approaches.  This research portfolio will facilitate understanding of neurological etiologies; identification of potential prevention, screening, and treatment approaches; and acceleration of clinical applications.

This is a GS-13, GS-14 or GS-15 position based upon individual qualifications, independent research and professional experience.  A full benefits package is available, which includes Thrift Savings Plan participation, health, life and long-term care insurance.  Candidate may qualify for reimbursement of relocation expenses, telework and other work schedule flexibility in accordance with NIH policy.

Qualifications:   NINDS is seeking a candidate with a doctoral degree and post-doctoral training, with expertise in human genomics and associated bioinformatics, computational biology, and/or data science knowledge. Candidates with a strong background in neuroscience are highly desirable.

To apply:   Interested individuals please contact Laura Mamounas at

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