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Traumatic Brain Injury Research (TBI)

Program Contact for TBI Research

Dr. Ramona Hicks
Ramona Hicks, Ph.D.
Program Director

Joanna Vivalda, R.N., M.B.A.
Clinical Trial Specialist
Clinical Research
Neuroimaging is one of many tools used to investigate TBI.
Neuroimaging is one of many tools used to investigate TBI.

NINDS supports research on traumatic brain injury (TBI) to advance knowledge on mechanisms of injury and recovery, and to develop better diagnostic tools and more effective treatments. This website provides information on NINDS activities, opportunities and resources for TBI research. 

To receive regular updates on funding announcements and other opportunities, please join the NINDS TBI Research Listserv.

NIH RePORTER, an online reporting tool, allows users to search a repository of NIH-funded TBI research projects and access publications and patents resulting from NIH funding. Please visit NINDS TBI for more general information.

Statement on the Termination of the ProTECT Trial
On January 15, 2014, the NINDS announced that its phase III ProTECT (Progesterone for Traumatic brain injury--Experimental Clinical Treatment) trial stopped enrollment. 875 participants were enrolled in the trial. The trial was designed to determine if progesterone, a steroid known to have neuroprotective properties in animal models of brain injury, could be beneficial in treating patients with moderate to severe acute traumatic brain injury. The ProTECT trial was stopped after the independent Data and Safety Monitoring Board determined that the data indicated it was very unlikely that progesterone treatment would demonstrate better outcomes compared to a placebo control in this trial. The NINDS is extremely grateful to the patients who participated and the investigators who worked so hard on this high-quality clinical trial. The scientific community remains dedicated to develop better treatments that will decrease the burden of illness due to the traumatic brain injury, which affects 1.5-2 million people in the US each year.

Common Data Elements

Common Data Elements (CDE) logo


Common Data Elements enable clinical investigators to systemically collect, analyze and share data across the research community.  

NINDS has developed common data elements for TBI.

The International Common Data Elements Project – Getting Further, Faster

FITBIR Informatics System

Federal Interagency Traumatic Brain Injury Research (FITBIR) Informatics System logo

FITBIR Informatics System
FITBIR Informatics System Data Sharing Policy

The Federal Interagency TBI Research (FITBIR) Informatics System is a platform, developed by the NIH and the Department of Defense, which allows data sharing across the entire TBI community.

Sharing data, associated tools and methodologies accelerates research progress by allowing re-analysis of data, as well as re-aggregation, integration and rigorous comparison with other data, tools and methods. 

Clinical Research 

Photo of Clinical Researchers
NINDS Office of Clinical Research

NINDS supports clinical research and clinical trials to advance the understanding and treatment of TBI.

Recent NINDS-sponsored clinical research in TBI include:

  • Transforming Research and Clinical Knowledge in TBI - TRACK TBI
  • Multiple Medical Therapies for Pediatric TBI; Comparative Effectiveness Approach – ADAPT TRIAL
  • Erythropoietin on Cerebral Vascular Dysfunction in Human TBI
  • Brain Tissue Oxygen Monitoring

The Neurological Emergencies Treatment Trials (NETT) Network engages clinicians and providers at the front lines of emergency care to conduct multicenter clinical trials focused on improving outcomes in patients with TBI and acute neurological injuries.

To learn more about these trials and others, please search .

Translational Research

Office of Translational Research chart
NINDS Office of Translational Research

NINDS Translational Program focuses on preclinical development and testing of novel therapeutics and devices.

Examples of TBI projects funded under this cooperative program include:

  • Preclinical Cyclosporine A Therapy Trials for Pediatric TBI
  • Cell Based Therapy for Treatment of TBI
  • Polynitroxylated Pegylated Hemoglobin for TBI Resuscitation
  • An Erythropoietin-Mimetic Peptide for Treatment of TBI

International TBI Research (InTBIR)

The International Initiative for TBI Research (InTBIR) is a collaborative effort of the NIH, the European Commission and the Canadian Institutes of Health to advance clinical TBI research, treatment and care. 


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