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Current Contracts

Research @ NINDS
Neural Interfaces
The Neural Interfaces Conference 2014 will be held June 22-25, 2014 in Dallas, TX. Please see Conference Details for more information.

Summaries from previous Neural Interfaces Workshops are available online.

Resource Links
Neural Prosthesis U01 or U44

Neural Interfaces Portfolio and Contracts


Nick Langhals, Ph.D.
Program Director
Neural Engineering

Felipe Aguel, Ph.D.
Program Director
Translational Bioengineering

Daofen Chen, Ph.D.
Program Director
Systems and Cognitive Neuroscience

James Gnadt, Ph.D.
Program Director
Systems and Cognitive Neuroscience

Effective June 2, 2008: Contract progress reports are no longer directly available on the Neural Interfaces Program page.

Chronic Microelectrode Arrays (University of Utah, N01-NS-4-2362) - An implantable microelectrode array technology for chronic in vivo wireless recording.
Associated Documents: Statement of Work

Restoration of Hand and Arm Function by Functional Neuromuscular Stimulation (Case Western Reserve University, N01-NS-5-2365) - An upper-limb prosthesis using nerve cuff electrodes for individuals with tetraplegia.
Associated Documents: Statement of Work

Last Modified January 29, 2016