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Stroke Diagnostics and Therapeutics Section - Division of Intramural Research

Steven  Warach Image
				Steven  Warach, M.D., Ph.D., Senior Investigator

Dr. Warach received his Ph.D. in Psychology-Neuroscience from Michigan State University and his M.D. from Harvard Medical School. After completing residency at the Harvard-Longwood Neurology Training program, he was appointed to the Harvard Medical School faculty in Neurology and Radiology and became the founding director of the Division of Cerebrovascular Diseases at Beth Israel Hospital, Boston. He is board certified in Neurology, with subspecialty certification in Vascular Neurology. In 1999, Dr. Warach was recruited to the NINDS Division of Intramural Research to create a translational research program in acute stroke, establishing the Section of Stroke Diagnostics and Therapeutics, which is a member of the NINDS SPOTRIAS network of stroke translational research centers. The Section conducts clinical research at the Stroke Centers of Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland and Washington Hospital Center in the District of Columbia, where the NINDS has placed stroke teams and MRI research facilities. Further to its educational mission, the Section offers ACGME accredited Vascular Neurology fellowship training.

Dr. Warach led research efforts that pioneered the routine clinical use of diffusion and perfusion MRI in ischemic stroke, performed seminal studies defining the human ischemic penumbra with MRI, and introduced innovative uses of MRI into stroke clinical trial design. The Section's current research focus is on novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to acute brain injury: acute ischemic stroke, blood brain barrier disruption and traumatic brain injury. The Section also conducts laboratory research in stroke, with experimental models closely approximating clinical imaging and clinical trial variables, providing reciprocal influences between the bench and bedside investigations.

Laboratory Staff

Lisa Davis,  R.N.,  Nurse,  301 435 7659
Jordan Farber,  B.A.,  Research Assistant,  301 896 2944
Saman Farsad,  B.S.,  Research Assistant,  301 435 2269
Jason Freeman,  M.D.,  Clinical Fellow,  301 435 9321
Mayur Joshi,  Web Developer / Graphic Desginer,  301 435 3002
Jennifer Jothen,  D.O.,  Clinical Fellow,  301 435 9321
Lawrence Latour,  Ph.D.,  Staff Scientist,  301 496 0463
Marie Luby,  Ph.D.,  Research Fellow, Contractor,  301 435 9321
Patricia Lyall,  B.A.,  Program Specialist,  301 435 2395
John Lynch,  D.O., M.P.H.,  Staff Clinician,  301 896 7547
Alejandro Magadan,  M.D.,  Clinical Fellow,  301 435 9321
Teresa Morella,  Nurse,  301 896 2654
Nandakumar Nagaraja,  M.D.,  Clinical Fellow,  301 435 9321

Research Interests

1) Imaging the pathophysiology of acute human stroke 2) Stroke clinical trials 3) Imaging and biomarkers for drug development in stroke

Clinical Protocols

MR Witness: A Phase IIa Safety Study of Intravenous Thrombolysis with Alteplase in MRI-Selected Patients  11-N-N019
Evaluation, Pathogenesis, and Outcome of Subjects With or Suspected Traumatic Brain Injury  10-N-N122
Evaluation, Pathogenesis and Treatment of Patients with Cerebrovascular Disease  01-N-0007

Selected Recent Publications

Taylor A, Castle A, Merino JG, Hsia A, Kidwell CS, Warach S
Optimizing stroke clinical trial design: estimating the proportion of eligible patients - Stroke  41(10) 2236-8 2010,  Full Text/Abstract

Batra A, Latour LL, Ruetzler CA, Hallenbeck JM, Spatz M, Warach S, Henning EC
Increased plasma and tissue MMP levels are associated with BCSFB and BBB disruption evident on post-contrast FLAIR after experimental stroke - J Cereb Blood Flow Metab  30(6) 1188-99 2010,  Full Text/Abstract

Barr TL, Latour LL, Lee KY, Schaewe TJ, Luby M, Chang GS, El-Zammar Z, Alam S, Hallenbeck JM, Kidwell CS, Warach S
Blood-brain barrier disruption in humans is independently associated with increased matrix metalloproteinase-9 - Stroke  41(3) e123-8 2010,  Full Text/Abstract

Schellinger PD, Bryan RN, Caplan LR, Detre JA, Edelman RR, Jaigobin C, Kidwell CS, Mohr JP, Sloan M, Sorensen AG, Warach S
Evidence-based guideline: The role of diffusion and perfusion MRI for the diagnosis of acute ischemic stroke - Neurology  13;75(2) 177-85 2010,  Full Text/Abstract

Barr TL, Conley Y, Ding J, Dillman A, Warach S, Singleton A, Matarin M.
Genomic biomarkers and cellular pathways of ischemic stroke by RNA gene - Neurology  75(11) 1009-14 2010,  Full Text/Abstract

Merino JG, Latour LL, An L, Hsia AW, Kang DW, Warach S.
Reperfusion half-life: a novel pharmacodynamic measure of thrombolytic activity - Stroke  39 2148-2150 2008,  Full Text/Abstract

Chalela J, Kidwell C, Nentwich L, Butman J, Demchuk A, Hill M, Patronas N, Latour LL, Warach S
Magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography in emergency assessment of patients with suspected acute stroke: a prospective comparison  - The Lancet  369 293-298 2007,  Full Text/Abstract

Selected Earlier Publications

Contact Information

Stroke Diagnostic and Therapeutic Section Stroke Branch, NINDS  Building 10, Room B1D733  10 Center Drive, MSC 1063 Bethesda MD  20892-1063

Telephone: 301-435- 9321 (office), 301- 435-9321 (laboratory), 301-480- 0413 (fax), Email: