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Epilepsy Benchmark IA3

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Judith Hoyer Lecture on Epilepsy

Curing the Epilepsies 2013: Pathways Forward

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Brandy Fureman, Ph.D.
Program Director, Channels Synapses & Circuits Cluster

Deborah Hirtz, M.D.
Program Director, Division of Extramural Research

John Kehne, Ph.D.
Program Director, Anticonvulsant Screening Program

Randall Stewart, Ph.D.
Program Director, Extramural Research Program

Vicky Whittemore, Ph.D.
Program Director, Channels, Synapses & Neural Circuits Cluster


Epilepsy Benchmark IA3

Benchmark Area I: Understanding basic mechanisms of epileptogenesis

Section A: Discover the range of anatomical, physiological, and molecular substrates associated with the epilepsies; define unambiguous markers of epileptogenicity.

Specific Benchmark 3: Establish a collaborative network that enables investigators to compare results of gene-chip analyses arising from different models of epileptogenesis and epilepsy.

2005 Report submitted by Benchmark Steward(s):
Raymond Dingledine, Ph.D. (Emory University School of Medicine)
Randall Stewart, Ph.D. (National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke)

Background of the benchmark goal:
DNA microarrays allow researchers to examine changes in gene expression of nearly every gene in the genome simultaneously. Validated results from DNA microarray experiments are then used to generate new hypotheses about the process of epileptogenesis, for example.

Current status of field:

Activities update: 

One of the outcomes of the Workshop on Epilepsy Research and DNA Microarrays held in October 2002 was the formation of a consortium of researchers to study epileptogenesis in pilocarpine, kainate, self-sustaining status epilepticus (SSSE) and kindling rat models. The members of the consortium include Ray Dingledine, Jim McNamara, Victor Nadler, Claude Wasterlain, Bob Sloviter, Doug Coulter, Wytse Wadman and Asla Pitkanen. Through a Research Infrastructure Award from AES and competitive administrative supplements from NINDS, funding ($200,000 total costs) has been secured for the key experiment. Comparisons of results between laboratories will be facilitated by using the NINDS/NIMH DNA Microarray facilities for the hybridiations, which should significantly reduce variability due to sample handling and processing. The major goal of the consortium is to identify gene expression profiles of dentate granule cells that are common to the early latent period of the four most widely used rat epilepsy models. These experiments are on-going.

Several other epilepsy researchers were awarded competitive administrative supplements in August of 2004 to look for changes in gene expression in their research areas.  These include: Chris Walsh, Jeff Noebels, Anne Anderson and Doug Coulter.  Their proposed experiments are on-going.

As of Thursday, Feb 3, 2005, epilepsy researchers Ray Dingledine, Sookyong Koh, Scott Thompson and Miklos Toth have used the NINDS/NIMH DNA Microarray Facility. 

Top priorities for next 5-10 years: 

Roadblocks to progress: 


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Last Modified October 20, 2015