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Epilepsy Research Benchmarks Progress Update (2007-2009)


NINDS gratefully acknowledges the contributions of the following Epilepsy Benchmarks Stewards and other investigators to the content and preparation of this progress summary: 

Area I, contributing Stewards:

Daniel H. Lowenstein, MD, University of California, San Francisco (Benchmarks Chair)
Jocelyn F. Bautista, MD, Cleveland Clinic
Ray Dingledine, PhD, Emory University School of Medicine
Jerome Engel, Jr., MD, PhD, University of California, Los Angeles
Solomon Moshé, MD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Carl Stafstrom, MD, PhD, University of Wisconsin
H. Steve White, PhD, University of Utah

Additional input:

Aristea S. Galanopoulou, MD, PhD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Annapurna Poduri, MD, MPH, Harvard Medical School
Michael Wong, MD, PhD, Washington University

 Area II, contributingStewards:

Edward Bertram, MD, PhD, University of Virginia
Jacqueline A. French, MD, New York University
Karen Wilcox, PhD, University of Utah

Additional input:

Chad Carlson, MD, New York University
Greg Worrell, MD, Mayo Clinic

Area III, contributingStewards:

Anne Berg, PhD, Northern Illinois University
Amy Brooks-Kayal, MD, University of Colorado, Denver
Bruce P. Hermann, PhD, University of Wisconsin
W. Curt LaFrance, Jr., MD, MPH, Brown Medical School
John W. Swann, PhD, Baylor College of Medicine

Additional input:

Miya Asato, MD, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
Timothy A. Benke, MD, PhD, University of Colorado, Denver
Robert C. Doss, PsyD, LP, ABPP-CN, Minnesota Epilepsy Group
Daniel L. Drane, PhD, ABPP-CN, Emory University School of Medicine
Alica Goldman, MD, PhD, Baylor College of Medicine
Molly Huntsman, PhD, Children’s National Medical Center
Jack J. Lin, MD, University of California, Irvine
Alison Pack, MD, Columbia University Medical Center
Page Pennell, MD, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Elson So, MD, Mayo Clinic
Mark Stewart, MD, PhD, SUNY Downstate Medical Center
Tanvir Syed, MD, MPH, Case Western Reserve University
David Thurman, MD, MPH, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Last Modified September 15, 2010