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NINDS Stroke Trials Network

The Stroke Trials Network (NIH StrokeNet) is designed to maximize efficiencies to prioritize, harmonize and streamline the development of high-quality, multi-site clinical trials focused on key interventions in stroke prevention, treatment, and recovery.  Early phase 1-2 exploratory and confirmatory phase 3 clinical trials as well as biomarker-validation studies that are immediately preparatory to trials will be coordinated through Regional Coordinating Stroke Centers, the National Clinical Coordinating Center, and the National Data Management Center.  The network provides centralized infrastructure and support for data management and integration as well as opportunities for data sharing. Finally, strong multidisciplinary collaboration within and among sites will ensure successful trial completion.  A steady pipeline of new trials developed outside as well as within StrokeNet, along with international and private-public partnerships facilitated through this program, will all serve to enhance the public health impact of the NINDS’s investment in stroke clinical trials.

Network website:

StrokeNet Network

NOTE: You DO NOT need to be part of the StrokeNet infrastructure to apply to conduct a study within the network.  Applications from academic investigators, advocacy groups/foundations, small businesses and the pharmaceutical industry are welcomed.

How to Apply to StrokeNet

Working with StrokeNet is a cooperative venture between NINDS, the StrokeNet network, and the applicant.  The NINDS will provide guidance to potential applicants with input from the Office of Clinical Research (OCR), other applicable NINDS extramural program staff, and the StrokeNet Executive Committee.  Potential applicants should contact NINDS OCR in order to discuss the feasibility of conducting the proposed trial through the StrokeNet infrastructure.

There are three mechanisms available for potential applicants:

  1. Academic investigators may apply for cooperative agreement grants: NIH StrokeNet Clinical Trials and Biomarker Studies for Stroke Treatment, Recovery, and Prevention (U01) (PAR-14-220)
  2. Industry may apply for expedited access to StrokeNet expertise and infrastructure through the StrokeNet Infrastructure Resource Access (X01) (PAR-14-253) under a cost-sharing arrangement and Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with NINDS.
  3. Small businesses may apply for cooperative agreement grants: StrokeNet Clinical Trials and Biomarker Studies for Stroke Treatment, Recovery, and Prevention (U01) (PAR-14-220) OR through our Small Business program: StrokeNet Small Business Innovation in Clinical Trials (U44) (PAR-14-252).

Referral/review Process for StrokeNet Applications

  • Prospective applicant contacts NINDS/OCR to discuss the proposed trial (email Dr. Claudia Moy at
  • NINDS program staff will discuss the proposed project and determine its fit with NINDS mission and priorities
  • Projects that have good NINDS support are referred to the StrokeNet Executive Committee to assess network feasibility
  • Prospective applicants whose projects have NINDS program support and are judged to be feasible for network performance must submit a formal application in response to one of the StrokeNet FOAs for peer review by the StrokeNet SEP and subsequent consideration by the NINDS Advisory Council.

Please refer to the StrokeNet website for the full process for solicitation and review of projects for NIH StrokeNet.

Current StrokeNet-supported Studies


Scott Janis, PhD
Program Director
NINDS Office of Clinical Research
Telephone: 301-496-9135

Last Modified November 13, 2015