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Recovery Act @ Work

Read about NINDS grants supporting new faculty hired through the Recovery Act.

Tara DeSilva - Probing White Matter
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Dr. DeSilva directs a new laboratory exploring the properties of cells that make up the brain’s white matter.

Patrick Drew - Investigating Blood Flow in the Brain
Penn State University
Dr. Drew focuses on new ways to use functional magnetic resonance imaging to study blood vessels that supply oxygen and nutrients to neurons.

Michael Higley - Using Images to Understand Connections in the Brain
Yale University School of Medicine
Dr. Higley's research combines electrophysiological recordings with optical imaging to examine brain connections that until now have been mostly inaccessible.

Stephen Van Hooser - Exploring How Experiences Influence Brain Development
Brandeis University
Dr. Van Hooser conducts research focused on understanding how personal experiences can impact the brain.

Haining Zhong and Tianyi Mao - A Marriage of Synapses and Circuits
Vollum Institute, Oregon Health and Science University
A husband and wife team explores different areas of interest in neuroscience; Dr. Mao (at left) maps connections in the basal ganglia and Dr. Zhong studies the choreography of synaptic proteins.

Last updated October 9, 2015