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Pre-Doctoral Neuroscience Training Meeting


Symposium: Predoctoral Neuroscience Trainee Meeting
July 12-13, 2001
Natcher Conference Center
Program Director: Henry Khachaturian, Ph.D.


Meeting Synopsis

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, along with nine other NIH Institutes sponsors a national program to train the next generation of neuroscientists. The sponsoring institutes include NIA, NICHD, NIDCD, NIDCR, NIDA, NEI, NIGMS, NIMH, and NINR. The aim of the program is to encourage and support broad, early-stage (pre-thesis) training in the neurosciences by offering institutions a single comprehensive training grant. It is expected that these training programs will contribute to basic and disease-related neuroscience research that is relevant to the participating NIH institutes. As part of the program, all trainees were invited to visit NIH for a two-day special orientation and training session sponsored by the participating NIH institutes. The meeting took place on July 12-13, 2001, at the Natcher conference center. Approximately 120 (out of a total of about 160) students supported by the program attended the sessions, including the talks as well as visits to the Institute intramural laboratories. Noted speakers included Dr. Zachary Hall, Vice Chancellor for Research, University of California, San Francisco; and Dr. Michael Zigmond, Professor of Neurology at the University of Pittsburgh. The students, who responded to a survey, overwhelmingly endorsed the meeting and expressed appreciation for a unique opportunity early in their scientific careers to visit the NIH and interact with extramural and intramural scientists.



Predoctoral Neuroscience Trainee Meeting
Natcher Auditorium
July 12-13, 2001

Thursday, July 12

8:00-8:30Registration & Continental Breakfast
8:30-9:00Introduction (Henry Khachaturian and James Lipton)
9:00-10:00Keynote Address (Zach Hall; Intro by Alan Leshner)
10:15-11:30How NIH works
 Extramural overview (Walter Schaffer)
 Intramural overview (Joan Schwartz)
11:30-1:00Institute booths/tables
1:00-2:00Lunch (on your own)
2:00-4 :30NIH Intramural tours
 (Introduction/science; poster/interactive session)
 (invite 2 representatives from IRP of participating ICs)

Friday, July 13

8:30-9:00NIH Career/Training Issues (Walter Schaffer)
9:00-10:00Career Opportunities: Overview (Michael Zigmond)
10:15-12:00Career Opportunities (Beth Fischer): Speakers representing
 academia (Michael Zigmond and Julio Ramirez),
 non-NIH Fed (Christopher Platt),
 private science foundation (David Clayton),
 pharmaceutical company (Mary Walker),
 science writing (Hemai Parthasarathy)
12:00-1:00Panel discussion on career paths
1:00Wrap up and depart



  • David A. Clayton, Ph.D.
    Vice President for Science Development
    Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)
  • Fischer, Beth, M.Ed.
    Instructor in Education
    Co-Director of the Survival Skills and Ethics Program
  • Zach W. Hall, Ph.D.
    Vice Chancellor, Research
  • Hemai Parthasarathy, PhD
    Senior Editor,
  • Christopher Platt, Ph.D.
    Program Director, Neuroscience
    Divsion of Integrative Biology & Neuroscience
    National Science Foundation
  • Julio J. Ramirez, Ph.D.
    R. Stuart Dickson Professor
    Laboratory of Behavioral Neuroscience
    Department of Psychology
  • Walter T. Schaffer, Ph.D.
    Research Training Officer
    National Institutes of Health
  • Joan P. Schwartz, Ph.D.
    Neurotrophic Factors Section, NINDS
    Building 36, Room 4A27
  • Mary Walker, Ph.D.
    Principal Scientist
    Target Discovery and Assessment
    Synaptic Pharmaceutical Corporation
  • Michael Zigmond, Ph.D.
    Professor, Department of Neurology
    University of Pittsburgh,
    School of Medicine


Institute Representatives

  • Alison E. Cole, Ph.D.
    National Institute of General Medical Sciences
  • Walter Goldschmidts Ph.D.
    National Institute of Mental Health
  • Karin F. Helmers, Ph.D.
    National Institute of Nursing
  • Deborah B. Henken, PhD.
    National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
  • Chyren Hunter, Ph.D.
    Program Director
    National Eye Institute, NIH
  • Henry Khachaturian, Ph.D.
    National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
  • James A. Lipton, DDS, Ph.D.
    National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research
  • Angela M. Martinelli, RN, DNSc
    National Institute on Drug Abuse
  • Cindy Miner, Ph.D.
    National Institute on Drug Abuse
  • Daniel A. Sklare, Ph.D.
    National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders
  • Bradley C. Wise, Ph.D.
    National Institute on Aging
  • Debra Wynne M.S.W.
    National Institute of Mental Health


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