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Workshop on Research Opportunities on Human Neuroborreliosis

Workshop on Research Opportunities on Human Neuroborreliosis
September 9-12, 2001
Airlie Center, Warrenton, VA

Co-sponsored by the NINDS and ORD, NIH

The Workshop on Research Opportunities on Human Neuroborreliosis, co-sponsored by the NINDS and ORD, NIH was held September 9-12, 2001, at Airlie Center, Warrenton, Va. The main purpose of this workshop was to evaluate the current state of the art in diagnosis, treatment and follow up of neuroborreliosis in the US, and to facilitate research by bringing together scientists in the field in an environment supportive for the presentation and discussion of cutting edge research. The discussion points in this workshop included basic research related to the spirochete (including antigens expressed in vivo, difference between species/strains and tissue tropism); animal models (including Lyme neuroborreliosis in the rhesus monkey); mechanisms of injury in Lyme neuroborreliosis (the role of the immune system, including humoral and cellular response, the role of cytokines, chemokines, and other mediators; and the role of auto-immunity); clinical manifestations of early and late disease (including association between different clinical manifestations and different species and strains of Borrelia burgdorferi, and pediatric neuroborreliosis); the status of laboratory diagnosis in neuroborreliosis (including the clinical value of CSF parameters, intrathecal antibody production, the use of western blot, PCR, culture, and immune complexes); the role of imaging in neuroborreliosis (including the use of MRI, SPECT, and PET); the use of other tests (neuropsychological testing); the treatment of neuroborreliosis and its follow up; diagnostic dilemmas in neuroborreliosis; and new developments. The synopsis of this workshop has been published in Vector Borne and Zoonotic Diseases, Volume 4, number 3, 261-272, September 2004, Research Opportunities on Human Borreliosis, Gelderblom H; Martin R; Marques AR

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