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FITBIR Strategic Vision Committee Meeting

November 19, 2012

Summary Recommendations

  1. Require use of CORE CDEs on DoD- and NIH-funded grants.  Recommend using as many BASIC CDEs as practical and relevant.  Use SUPPLEMENTAL CDEs as needed.
  2. Create CDEs for TBI and CTE Neuropathology research.
  3. Explore possibility of developing something for coding of concomitant medications (like WhoDrug) and Adverse Events (like MedDRA), but a cost-free tool.
  4. Encourage submission of “normative” data that are relevant to FITBIR.
  5. Add a site on the website about relevant resources, e.g., free analytical tools, to build on the concept of creating a “Knowledge Network”.
  6. Proactively disseminate information to grantees about the potential cost savings of using FITBIR and ProFoRMS.
  7. Prioritize the collection of these two archival data sets: NICHD TBI Network data (COBRIT Clinical Trial) and the PROTECT clinical trial data.
  8. Investigate what is needed to federate with NIDRR TBI Models System database.
  9. Use a common informatics system for InTBIR Initiative because it will save money and also reduce policy issues associated with federating databases.
  10. Add a checklist of Quality Control steps to the FITBIR Data Submission Procedure.
  11. Develop “matchmaking” strategies to promote collaboration.
  12. Explore potential for educational opportunities for trainees interested in using FITBIR.


This is the first annual meeting of the Strategic Vision Committee of the Federal Interagency TBI Research (FITBIR) Informatics System. The Committee is led by NIH/NINDS and USAMRMC and comprised of a minimum of five additional members, including distinguished scientific experts from academia, industry, government, and private and non-profit foundations. Members serve for a two year term. The Strategic Vision Committee has responsibility for advising the FITBIR Governance and Executive Committees for the following:

  • Review and recommendations for the FITBIR Annual Report.
  • Suggestions for priority research questions to be supported by FITBIR.
  • Insights regarding the availability and potential leveraging of other related resources, tools, and projects.
  • Strategies for maximizing the impact of the FITBIR Informatics System to address critical questions in TBI diagnosis and treatment.

Last Modified March 5, 2013