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NINDS Grantees in the News

See news releases about NINDS-supported research from across the U.S. 

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New data show blacks are at higher risk for first stroke
January 20 | The University of Alabama at Birmingham
A first-of-its-kind study found that young blacks, age 45, are at a three times greater risk of having a first stroke than their white counterparts. However, they may not be at a higher risk for the second stroke.

Brain Receptor Regulates Fat Burning in Cells
January 12 | Gladstone Institute
Decreasing levels of p75 neurotrophin receptor prevented obesity and metabolic diseases in mice fed a high-fat diet.

Immune System Cells Key to Maintaining Blood-Brain Barrier
January 11 | University of Rochester Medical Center
New research shows that the cells responsible for protecting the brain from infection and inflammation are also responsible for repairing the system of defenses that separates the brain from the rest of the body.

Slow Stem Cell Division May Cause Small Brains
January 7 | Duke University School of Medicine
ADelayed neural stem cells make the wrong cells during development.


Last Modified February 1, 2016