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Genetic dissection of Notch pathway interacting genes in Drosophila melanogaster

The cell surface protein Notch is well-known to play a role in determining cell fates and differentiation. Through past studies, Notch has also been proven to influence neural development and axon guidance via two signal transduction pathways thus far, the Su(H) pathway that controls cell fate and the Abl pathway that is associated with regulating axon dynamics. We want to determine, through classical genetics and immunohistochemistry, if the cell adhesion molecule Neurotactin is involved in Abl tyrosine kinase signaling pathway to control axon growth morphology, if Abl-interacting protein is a downstream output of Abl signaling, and if Disable and Trio signaling, components of the Abl pathway, act independently or synergistically. 

Last Modified December 14, 2012