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NINDS Stem Cell Data Management System Functionality Upgrade

2011 Exceptional Summer Student Award Winner Bradley R. Carpenter Bradley R. Carpenter

The NINDS Stem Cell Database is research database that stores gene expression details for the Human Embryonic Stem cells. This database allows the user to search for expressions by gene or to find information about individual cell lines.

This summer, the database was augmented with a tool to allow the user to select cell lines of interest and populate them into a reference or test group for statistical comparison. Per the tool developed, data selected by the user is first summarized visually and descriptively by group to allow the user to filter data as desired prior to statistical comparison. Afterwards, the tool reports both parametric and nonparametric test results under no multiple comparison correction condition and multiple comparison correction condition using two different multiple correction methods. The results reported are organized in sortable table form that includes descriptive statistics by group and the option for the user to download.

Last Modified December 23, 2013