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Trainee Allocation

Request to support predoctoral or postdoctoral trainees when such support was not requested in the original, reviewed application

Because the review of institutional training grants is largely focused on an evaluation of program infrastructure, training opportunities, cohorts of trainees, and success of mentors at training individuals, programs that have submitted applications for support of exclusively predoctoral or postdoctoral trainees have not had any of these issues evaluated by an NIH review group as they pertain to the other type of trainee. Consequently, before a program that has originally requested support for exclusively pre- or postdoctoral trainees will be allowed to support a population of trainees not discussed in the original, reviewed application, the following information must be submitted to, and satisfy, an NINDS administrative review:

  1. A brief description of your program for the new trainee group. This should include experience of the program in training this population, number of trainees in the program, record of program mentors in training such trainees, infrastructure available to ensure success of trainee, and potential for interaction among the different populations of trainees.
  2. The rationale for adding this population to the training program, and how the trainees will benefit from being a part of the program. This section must demonstrate that the training and training environment are well suited for the new trainee population.

The requested information should consume 5 – 8 pages of text, and may include tabular information that would aid in the review. Documents for administrative review must be submitted at least eight weeks prior to the requested start date of funding to the Director of Training and Career Development.

All programs that wish to change the population of trainee supported via this administrative route must include a full description of the program for both predoctoral and postdoctoral trainees in any subsequent competing renewal application.

Last Modified July 27, 2006