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New Awards for 2013

The first round of 2013 awards have been issued. These 15 STTR and SBIR awards represent a variety of research topics and approaches. Click on the RePORTER link for complete project abstracts. A full list of 2012 awards can be found here.


PI Name (Contact) Institution Title RePORTER Approach Disorder
Alyward, Stephen Kitware, Inc. Multimodality image-based assessment system for traumatic brain injury RePORTER Imaging Traumatic Brain Injury
Deyoe, Edgar Prism Clinical Imaging, Inc. Presurgical brain mapping with functional connectivity MRI RePORTER Imaging Brain Tumors
Peterson-Roth, Elizabeth L2 Diagnostics, LLC Triplex-mediated DNA repair as a novel therapy for Hurler Syndrome patients RePORTER Gene therapy Hurler Syndrome
Bhandari, Rajmohan Blackrock Microsystems Highly Customizable Blackrock Micro Molded Arrays (BRMMA) RePORTER Microelectrode development Multiple Research
Miller, Leonard American Stem Cell, Inc. Increased Therapeutic Potential of Migrating Neural Stem Cells & ASC101 Treatment RePORTER Stem cell therapy Multiple Sclerosis
Jacobowitz, David Cognizance Biomarkers, LLC Proof of Principle for a Diagnostic Blood Test of Recurrent Seizures RePORTER Diagnostic blood test Epilepsy
Halpern, Ian Loren Modular Bionics, Inc. Novel, Chronic, Volume Microelectrodes for the Broad Neuroscience Community RePORTER Microelectrode development Multiple Research
Greenhouse, Robert Nanosyn, Inc. Neuronal autophagy inducers as an approach to treat diseases of the central nervo RePORTER Drug development Neurodegen Diseases
Rogers, Christopher Exemplar Genetics, LLC Development of a Porcine Model of Juvenile Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis RePORTER Animal model development Batten Disease
Chavez, Raymond Xalud Therapeutics, Inc. XT-101: A Potent IL-10 Based Therapy for Treating Multiple Sclerosis. RePORTER Gene therapy Multiple Sclerosis
Mulcahy, John Vincent Siteone Therapeutics, Inc. Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Novel Isoform-Selective Sodium Channel Inhibi RePORTER Drug development Pain
Heldman, Dustin Allen Great Lakes Neurotechnologies DBS-Expert: Automated Deep Brain Stimulation Programming Using Functional Mapping RePORTER Programming systems Parkinson's Disease
Degiorgio, Christopher Neurosigma, Inc. Development of an Implantable Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation System for Drug Resist RePORTER Trigeminal nerve stimulation Epilepsy
Emerich, Dwaine Franklin In Cytu, Inc. Advancing a Glioma Immunotherapy RePORTER Immuno-
therapeutic development
Glial Cell-Based Cancers
Salazar, Andres Mario Oncovir, Inc Hiltonol provides potent neuroprotection from  ischemic brain injury in stroke.  RePORTER Gene therapy Stroke

Last updated July 13, 2013