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Funding News - Preapplications for Interdisciplinary Research Consortium Sought

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  • The information on this page is for historical and research purposes only.
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The National Institutes of Health (NIH) encourage applications for an interdisciplinary research consortium.

This request for applications is an NIH Roadmap Initiative.   The NIH Roadmap is an innovative approach to accelerate fundamental discovery and translate that knowledge into effective prevention strategies and new treatments.   All NIH institutes and centers participate in Roadmap Initiatives.*

In addition to the biological sciences, biomedical research often involves participation of other scientific disciplines, including the behavioral, quantitative, social, computational/information, engineering, and physical sciences.  It is apparent, in some cases, that multidisciplinary research is not sufficient to address—in a comprehensive and effective way—challenging and complex problems in biomedical and behavioral research.  Rather, interdisciplinary research may be required to tackle these more complex problems. Like multidisciplinary research, interdisciplinary research brings together different disciplines to address a particular issue.  But unlike multidisciplinary research, interdisciplinary research takes bits and pieces from the contributing disciplines and integrates them in ways that produce a new conceptual framework.

This announcement is the beginning of a program that will support large interdisciplinary research consortia.  The application process will have two parts: 1.) submitting a preapplication, and 2.) submitting an application for the full interdisciplinary research consortium (see  The pre-application should identify an important biomedical problem, evaluate why previous disciplinary approaches have not solved the problem, justify why the proposed interdisciplinary approach will work, and identify methods to maintain the focus and coordination of the interdisciplinary team.



For more information, potential applicants should contact Dr. Greg Farber, National Center for Research Resources (NCRR), 6701 Democracy Boulevard, Room 960, MSC 4874, Bethesda, MD  20892-4874; telephone:   301-435-0778; fax: 
301-480-3659; e-mail:

*For a more detailed description of this RFA, please visit the NIH web site at:
For more information on the NIH Roadmap, please visit the web site at: