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Funding News - Persons with Uncontrolled Epilepsy Sought for Study

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  • The information on this page is for historical and research purposes only.
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Scientists at NINDS are seeking adults with epilepsy that is not controlled by medication (medically intractable epilepsy) to participate in a research study to increase understanding of epilepsy and to test an experimental method that may lead to a new type of treatment for it. 

Eligible persons must have uncontrolled epilepsy, be 18-70 years of age, and be able to have magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).  Study participants will be screened in research study 01-N-0139 (Evaluation and Treatment of Patients with Epilepsy) to confirm that they are candidates for seizure surgery.  Surgical candidates will enter the study (00-N-0158) and undergo surgical placement of a tube into the region of the brain where the seizures originate.  A solution of saline (salt water) and a solution of muscimol, a chemical that suppresses brain activity, will be infused into the seizure focus.  Neurological examinations, EEG, and MRI scans will evaluate the effects of the infusions.  Standard surgical treatment for medically intractable epilepsy will be provided after the infusions.  The study requires a 2- to 4-week inpatient stay at NIH.  Travel, epilepsy surgery, and study-related expenses will be paid by NIH.

For more information, contact the Patient Recruitment Office at 800-411-1222, or via email at  Please refer to study number 00-N-0158.