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NINDS Neuroscience Funding Announcements

Phase II International Clinical, Operational, and Health Services Research Training Awards for AIDS and Tuberculosis

Funding Contact: NINDS Funding Coordinator
Funding Categories: Neural Environment

Brief Description:

The International Clinical, Operational, and Health Services Research Training Award for AIDS and Tuberculosis (ICOHRTA-AIDS/TB) Program provides extended support for training to foster collaborative, multidisciplinary research in developing country sites where HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis (TB) or both are significant problems. As used in this Request for Applications (RFA), the term ICOHRTA-AIDS/TB is broadly defined to encompass building capacity for integrated clinical, operational, and health services research across the full range of conditions and issues that relate to care of adult and pediatric patients with HIV/AIDS or TB (e.g., opportunistic infections, HIV malignancies, neurological and mental health consequences, behavioral issues, cardiovascular disease, hematologic conditions, blood safety issues, pulmonary manifestations, ophthalmologic manifestations, gastrointestinal conditions, drug and alcohol usage, gender-related issues and oral health manifestations).

NIH Guide: RFA-TW-03-003
Release Date: 2003-01-09
Expiration Date: 2006-06-11