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Comprehensive funding information for NIH grants and contracts is now available online through the NIH Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tool Expenditures and Results, or RePORTER.

Like its predecessor CRISP—NIH’s now retired database of funded projects—RePORTER allows users to locate and view NIH awards using their own search criteria. RePORTER combines NIH project databases and funding records, PubMed abstracts, full-text articles from PubMed Central, and information from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office with a robust search engine—giving users access to detailed budget information, as well as research results and products, including patents and publications.

Data from 1985 through to the present—including the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009—are available and searchable according to user interest. User-defined searches allow the public to refine, export, and analyze results and provide insights into NIH spending, as well as research results across NIH-funded projects, institutions, investigators or scientific concepts.

RePORTER is the newest tool on the RePORT website (, NIH's comprehensive online repository of reports, data and analyses of research-related funding. RePORTER complements RePORT data with visual tools including maps, charts, and refined searches that show the geographic distribution of NIH funds, illustrate federal investment across scientific concepts, and highlight emerging trends and techniques for individual projects or investigators funded by NIH. Select this link: for more information about RePORTER or to search for information about funded grants or contracts. A new window will be opened by your browser.

Last Modified February 8, 2011