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Does Your Research Fit with the NINDS Mission?

NINDS supports basic and clinical research, as well as clinical trials, related to fundamental neurological processes and over 600 neurological diseases. Although the research interest of NINDS is very broad, there are other institutes at NIH that also support neuroscience research. Whereas there is some overlap, most often your research will fit best within the mission of one institute. It is advisable to contact a Program Director at one or more institutes to discuss your research interests before preparing your application. This will not only help target your application to the appropriate institute, but will help you with preparation of your grant.

Below is a link to a list of Program Directors and their research interests. Find the Program Director whose interests appear to most closely match your own. The best way to contact a Program Director is via email - many questions can be answered most quickly and effectively this way. If you have a more complicated issue that requires a phone conversation, or would just like to speak by phone, please indicate this in your email and a Program Director will contact you. In any event, please include a phone number in your email.

IMPORTANT: Please contact only one Program Director. We all talk to each other, and will be happy to find the correct person to respond to you. Sending emails to more than one person will likely delay the communication process.

All questions about scientific interests should be directed to an individual Program Director. For technical questions about the various mechanisms and eligibility, and also for advice on how best to prepare an application, please contact the Director, Office of Training, Career Development and Workforce Diversity.

Link to Program Director Interests

Last Modified November 4, 2013