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Outcomes for Neurosurgeon K08 and K23 Awardees

For K Awards Terminating FY2011 or earlier
that applied for K award FY2000 or later
    K08  K23
Total number of K Awards   24 5
Percentage of K awardees that are MD/PhDs   46% 0%
Applied for R01   92% 40%
Received R01   54% 40%
R01 applicant success rate (# applicants awarded / # applicants)   55% 100%
Time to first R01 (years from start of K award; mean ± SEM)   6.3 ± 0.8 8.7
Have post-K independent funding (from anywhere)   75% 80%
Percentage of K awardees in Academic Positions   92% 80%
Percentage of Total Number of Awardees with Peer Reviewed Research Publications Between January 2010 and November 2012   100% 80%

Last updated August 4, 2014