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Pre-Doctoral Fellowships - MD/PhD F31 Mechanism

NINDS is using the F30 NRSA mechanism (PA-14-150) for Individual Predoctoral Fellows in dual degree (e.g. MD-PhD) programs starting with the April 8, 2014 receipt date.  NINDS will continue to accept submissions using the F31 FOA (PAR-13-127), for both new and resubmission application submissions, for the April 8, 2014 receipt date.  Subsequent to April 8, 2014, NINDS will accept resubmission (A1) F31 applications for the August 8, 2014 and December 8, 2014 receipt dates. Thus, starting with the August 8, 2014 receipt date, all new dual degree NRSA applications must use the F30 mechanism (PA-14-150). The last receipt date for which the F31 mechanism (PAR-13-127) can be used for resubmissions is December 8, 2014.

Who might wish to apply using the F31 mechanism?

NINDS is maintaining the F31 mechanism from April 8 to December 8, 2014 primarily for those who have previously submitted an application and wish to respond to reviewers in a resubmission (A1). For those who have already submitted an application using the F31 mechanism, subsequent applications using the F30 mechanism must be new (A0), and cannot contain an introductory page or direct responses to reviewer comments.

Additionally, to be eligible for the F30 mechanism, applicants submitting a new application must be within the first 48 months of their MD-PhD or other dual-doctoral degree program.  However, this window of eligibility has been extended for the August 8, 2014 receipt date to allow applicants to submit a new F30 application who will be beyond 48 months of their dual-doctoral degree program (NOT-OD-14-072).

Last Modified March 18, 2015