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Human Health and Heredity in Africa (H3Africa) (U01, U54)

The H3Africa initiative aims to facilitate a contemporary research approach to the study of genomics and environmental determinants of common diseases with the goal of improving the health of African populations. The Cooperative Agreement (U01) FOA solicits applications to establish independent H3Africa Research Projects that will collaborate with ongoing grants, cooperative agreements, contracts, or awards from the U.S. government (USG) or non-USG funders to add a genomics-based approach to the study of a chronic or infectious disease to an on-going funded study that does not currently have a genetic component. The Cooperative Agreement (U54) FOA solicits applications to establish H3Africa Collaborative Centers (H3ACC) to implement research projects that will apply genomic approaches to understand the genetic and environmental contributors to chronic and infectious diseases and health in Africa. Each H3ACC will be composed of multiple projects that collaborate to provide the complete capacity needed to carry out a genomics-based research project on a disease or condition important to Africa. Eligible organizations include African institutions that are eligible for NIH awards and Nondomestic (non-U.S.) components of U.S. Organizations.

Application Receipt Dates: October 29, 2012
Contact: NINDS: Dr. Salina Waddy

Last Modified February 11, 2013