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Request for Information: Whole Genome Sequencing, Data Analysis, Storage and Annotation

This is a time sensitive Request for Information (RFI) issued by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). The purpose of the RFI is to solicit information on the research needs of the NINDS community for whole genome sequencing services and accompanying data storage, analysis and annotation services. The responses to the RFI will be collected and evaluated by Institute staff to assess how best to meet the current and future needs for whole genome sequencing as it relates to neurologic disease.

Sequencing Services


General Information

Responses must be submitted electronically using this web form, and will be accepted through May 30, 2011. Replies to individual questions are optional, and the site will permit anonymous responses. The information provided will be analyzed and may appear in various reports.

Please direct all inquiries to:

Margaret Sutherland, PhD
Program Director, Neurodegeneration Cluster
NSC Rm 2203
6001 Executive Blv.
Bethesda, MD 20892
Phone (301) 496-5680
Fax (301) 480-1080

Last updated July 20, 2011