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Von Hippel Lindau Family Alliance

Von Hippel Lindau Family Alliance
2001 Beacon Street
Suite 208
Boston,  MA  02135-7877
Tel: 617-277-5667; 800-712-8712
Fax: 858-712-8712

Description: Dedicated to improving the diagnosis, treatment, quality of life, and ultimately a cure for individuals and families affect by von Hippel-Lindau and other forms of cancer. Provides education and support through brochures, handbook, newsletters, online support groups, and 24-hour hotline. Offers competitive research.

National 501(c) tax-exempt organizations offer a comprehensive program of information and support services for patients and their families. They may offer patient and professional information and education materials, sponsor meetings and scientific workshops, fund research, and provide referrals to chapters and support groups.