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Brain and Tissue Banks Resources

Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center
McLean Hospital
115 Mill Street
Belmont,  MA  02478
Tel: 800-BRAIN BANK (272-4622) 617-855-2400
Fax: 617-855-3199
Email: hbtrc@mclean.harvard.edu

Human Brain and Spinal Fluid Resource Center
Neurology Research (127A) W. Los Angeles Healthcare Center
11301 Wilshire Blvd. Bldg. 212
Los Angeles,  CA  90073
Tel: 310-268-3536 Page: 310-636-5199
Fax: 310-268-4768
Email: brainbnk@ucla.edu

Description: Collects, stores and distributes quick frozen and formalin fixed tissue and cerebrospinal fluid and blood to qualified researchers worldwide. Works with support groups and individuals with neurological and psychiatric diseases who wish to further medical research by donation of autopsy and surgical specimens.

Living Bank
P.O. Box 6725
Houston,  TX  77265
Tel: 800-528-2971
Email: info@livingbank.org

Description: Non-profit donor education organization. Maintains computerized records of donor data for future retrieval during emergencies.

National Disease Research Interchange
1628 JFK Blvd.
8 Penn Cntr. 8th floor
Philadelphia,  PA  19103
Tel: 215-557-7361 800-222-NDRI (6374)
Fax: 215-557-7154
Email: info@ndriresource.org

Description: Non-profit organization engaged in the procurement and distribution of human tissues and organs for biomedical researchers.

National NeuroAIDS Tissue Consortium
401 N. Washington Street
Suite 700
Rockville,  MD  20850
Tel: 866-668-2272 301-251-1161 ext. 186
Fax: 301-576-4597
Email: nntc@emmes.com

Description: Provides tissue for AIDS-related research through a banking network of centers.

Neurologic AIDS Research Consortium
Department of Neurology Washington School of Medicine Campus Box 8111
660 S. Euclid Avenue
St. Louis,  MO  63110
Tel: 314-747-8423
Fax: 314-747-8427
Email: cliffordd@neuro.wustl.edu

Description: The Neurologic AIDS Research Consortium (NARC) is supported by the National Institutes of Health to design and carry out clinical trials to improve the therapy for HIV induced neurologic disease, and neurologic conditions associated with the AIDS virus. This consortium was established in 1993 when the NARC grant submitted by David B. Clifford, M.D. of Washington University School of Medicine was funded by the National Institute of Neurologic Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) to establish the consortium. Since that time the grant has supported studies of the natural history of neurologic performance in advanced AIDS, treatment of HIV associated peripheral neuropathy, progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy, and cytomegalovirus.

NICHD Brain and Tissue Bank for Developmental Disorders (MD)
University of Maryland Dept. of Pediatrics
655 West Baltimore Street, 13-013 BRB
Baltimore,  MD  21201-1559
Tel: 800-847-1539
Fax: 410-706-0020
Email: btbumab@umaryland.edu

Description: Collects, stores, and distributes brain and other tissues for purposes of research to improve understanding, care, and treatment of individuals with developmental disorders.

University of Miami Brain Endowment Bank
University of Miami Life Science Park
1951 N.W. 7th Ave., Ste. 240
Miami,  FL  33136
Tel: 305-243-6219 800-UM-BRAIN (862-7246)
Fax: 305-243-3649

Description: The University of Miami Brain Endowment Bank is a biobank which links cryoperserved and fixed brain specimens to patient data; provides standardized brain tissue samples to researchers studying diseases of the CNS; and educates the public about the importance of brain donation as a permanent and valuable resource.