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NINDS Staff Listing by Organization

The following table provides names and contact information for NINDS executives, administrative staff, program directors, and principal investigators.

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Office of the Director (OD)

NameOfficial TitleBldg/RoomPhoneFax
Walter J. Koroshetz, M.D.Director, NINDS31/8A52301-496-3167301-496-0296
Alan L. Willard, Ph.D.Acting Deputy Director31/8A52301-496-9248301-496-0296
Alan L. Willard, Ph.D.Acting Director, Office of Translational ResearchNSC/2137301-496-1751301-402-1501
Elizabeth McNeil, M.D.Acting Director, Office of Clinical ResearchNSC/2213301-496-9135------
Maryann SofrankoActing Executive Officer31/8A52301-496-4697301-496-0296
Ken FrushourBudget Officer31/8A34301-435-7726301-402-6276
Paul Scott, Ph.D.Director, Office of Science Policy and Planning31/8A03301-496-9271301-480-9172
Marian EmrDirector, Office of Communications and Public Liaison31/8A07301-496-5924301-402-2186
Amy B. Adams, Ph. D.Director, Office of Scientific Liaison31/8A31301-435-0110301-402-2818
Peter SoltysChief Information Officer/Information Resources Management Branch ChiefAtrium/360301-496-0583301-402-1627
Sue TitmanNetwork Management Section Chief - IRMBAtrium/360301-496-0387301-402-1627
Denise DorseyChief Administrative Officer, OD31/8A24301-435-7714301-402-2818
Laurie ArrantsTechnology Development Coordinator31/8A52301-435-3112301-496-0296
Martha Diaz-OrtizEthics Specialist31/8A33301-443-7956301-594-9908
Audrey S. Penn, M.D.Special Advisor to the Director, NINDSNSC/3304301-496-1431 
Extramural Research

NameOfficial TitleBldg/RoomPhoneFax
Robert Finkelstein, Ph.D.Director, Division of Extramural ResearchNSC/3307301-496-9248301-402-4370
David F Owens, Ph.D.Acting Deputy Director, Division of Extramural ResearchNSC/3201301-496-1447301-402-0182
Stephen Korn, Ph.D.Director, Office of Training, Career Development and Workforce DiversityNSC/2154301-496-4188301-594-4370
W. Ernest Lyons, Ph.D.Chief, Scientific Review BranchNSC/3208301-496-4056301-402-0182
Lisa JolietChief, Administrative Services BranchNSC/3231301-496-6731301-402-4370
Tijuanna Decoster, Ph.D.Chief, Grants Management BranchNSC/3258301-496-9231301-402-4370
Kelly BakerCommittee Management OfficerNSC/3301301-496-9248301-402-4370
Extramural Research Program Staff
Division of Intramural Research (DIR)

NameOfficial TitleBldg/RoomPhoneFax
Alan Koretsky, Ph.D.Scientific Director35/GA908301-435-2232301-480-5634
Avindra Nath, M.D.Clinical Director10/7C103301-496-1561301-402-1007
Rita Devine, Ph.D.Assistant Director for Science Administration35/GA902301-594-9562301-480-5634
Yang C. Fann, Ph.D.Director, Intramural IT and Bioinformatics Program10/5S227301-451-5153301-480-3563
James O'Malley, DVM, MPH, DACLAMAnimal Health Care Section35/BC905301-402-0068301-402-5424
Laurie JarvisChief Administrative Officer, DIR10/5S221301-402-2461301-496-2294
Laurie ArrantsTechnology Development Coordinator31/8A52301-435-3112301-496-0296
Peggy RollinsIntramural Program Coordinator35/GA908301-435-2232301-480-5634
Senior Investigators and Research Labs at NINDS

Last Modified November 24, 2015