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NINDS Research Funding Program Contacts

For access to free Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) for people with hearing or speech impairments, dial 7-1-1 on your telephone.

Division of Extramural Research Program Staff
The Division of Extramural Research provides overall leadership, planning, and direction for the NINDS extramural research program. Each of the following individuals in the NINDS Division of Extramural Research oversees one or more parts of the institute's research funding program, managing a portfolio of grants and contracts and coordinating program efforts in specific areas of neuroscience research. To find contact information related to specific research, please refer to the Program Directors and Research Interests (PDF, 143 KB) document.
Robert Finkelstein, Ph.D. Director, Division of Extramural Research NSC/3307 301-496-9248 301-402-4370
David F Owens, Ph.D. Acting Deputy Director, Division of Extramural Research NSC/3201 301-496-1447 301-402-0182
Channels Synapses and Circuits Cluster

Brandy Fureman, Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2113 301-496-1917 301-480-2424
Shai Silberberg, Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2131 301-496-1917 301-402-1501
Randall Stewart, Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2136 301-496-1917 301-480-2424
Edmund Talley, Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2132 301-496-1917 301-402-1501
Vicky Whittemore, Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2107 301-496-1917 301-402-1501
Neural Environment Cluster

Francesca Bosetti, Pharm.D., Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2118 301-496-1431 301-480-2424
Jane Fountain, Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2110 301-496-1431 301-480-2424
Jim I. Koenig, Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2107 301-496-1431 301-402-2060
Ursula Utz, Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2134 301-496-1431 301-402-2060
May Wong, Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2134 301-496-1431 301-402-2060
Neurodegeneration Cluster

Roderick Corriveau, Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2223 301-496-5680 301-480-1080
Amelie Gubitz, Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2223 301-496-5680 301-480-1080
Daniel L. Miller, Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2184 301-496-5680 301-480-1080
Beth-Anne Sieber, Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2223 301-496-5680 301-480-1080
Margaret Sutherland, Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2223 301-496-5680 301-480-1080
Neurogenetics Cluster

Katrina Gwinn, M.D. Program Director NSC/2132 301-496-5745 301-402-1501
Laura Mamounas, Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2132 301-496-5745 301-402-1501
Jill Morris, Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2133 301-496-5745 301-402-1501
Glen Nuckolls, Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2203 301-496-5745 301-402-1501
John Porter, Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2142 301-496-5745 301-402-1501
Robert Riddle, Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2132 301-496-5745 301-402-1501
Repair and Plasticity Cluster

Patrick SF Bellgowan, Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2205 301-496-1447 301-480-1080
Lyn Jakeman, Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2206 301-496-1447 301-480-1080
Timothy LaVaute, Ph.D. Acting Program Director NSC/3226 301-496-1447 301-480-1080
Kip Ludwig, Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2207 301-496-1447 301-480-1080
Systems and Cognitive Neuroscience Cluster

Debra Babcock, MD., Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2108 301-496-9964 301-402-2060
Daofen Chen, Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2131 301-496-9964 301-402-2060
Janet He, Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2227 301-496-9964 301-480-2060
Linda Porter, Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2113 301-496-9964 301-480-2060
James Wayne Gnadt,Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2230 301-496-9964 301-480-2060
Michael L. Oshinsky, Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2116 301-496-9964 301-402-2060
Office of Training, Career Development and Workforce Diversity
Stephen Korn, Ph.D. Director, Office of Training, Career Development and Workforce Diversity NSC/2154 301-496-4188 301-594-4370
Michelle Jones-London, Ph.D. Director of Diversity Training and Workforce Development NSC/2150 301-496-3102 301-594-5929
Office of International Activities
Scientific Review Staff
W. Ernest Lyons, Ph.D. Chief, Scientific Review Branch NSC/3201 301-496-4056 301-402-0182
William C Benzing, Ph.D. Scientific Review Officer NSC/3204 301-496-0660 301-402-0182
JoAnn McConnell, Ph.D. Scientific Review Officer NSC/3227 301-496-9223 301-402-0182
Birgit Neuhuber, Ph.D. Scientific Review Officer NSC/3202 301-496-3562 301-402-0182
Shantadurga Rajaram, Ph.D. Scientific Review Officer NSC/3206 301-496-9223 301-402-0182
Raul Saavedra, Ph.D. Scientific Review Officer NSC/3223 301-496-7355 301-402-0182
Natalia Strunnikova, Ph.D. Scientific Review Officer NSC/3203 301-496-3755 301-402-0182
Grants Management
Tijuanna Decoster, Ph. D. Chief, Grants Management Branch NSC/3258 301-496-9231 301-402-4370
Administrative Services
Lisa Joliet Chief, Administrative Services Branch NSC/3231 301-496-6731 301-496-9941
Office of Clinical Research Program Staff
The NINDS Office of Clinical Research provides support for all NINDS extramurally-funded clinical trials, consultation in the development of clinical trial applications, in monitoring the progress of the trials, participating in the ongoing management, and ensuring the safety of trial participants
Elizabeth McNeil, M.D., M.Sc. Acting Director NSC/2214-A 301-496-1660 301-480-1080
Claudia Moy, Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2214 301-496-2789 301-480-1080
Patricia Walicke, M.D., Ph. D. Program Director NSC/2129 301-496-1779 301-402-1501
Robin Conwit, M.D. Program Director NSC/2203 301-496-3299 301-480-1080
Janice Cordell, R.N., M.P.H. Clinical Research Project Manager NSC/2217 301-451-4299 301-480-1080
Crina Frincu, PhD Health Program Specialist NSC/2210 301-451-1611 301-480-1080
Wendy Galpern, M.D., Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2225 301-496-5893 301-480-1080
Peter Gilbert, Sc.M. Clinical Research Project Manager NSC/2210 301-451-1449 301-480-1080
Marie Gill, B.S. Health Program Specialist NSC/2202 301-496-0870 301-480-1080
Deborah Hirtz, M.D. Program Director NSC/2212 301-496-5821
Scott Janis, Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2191 301-496-0211 301-480-1080
Joanne Odenkirchen, M.P.H. Clinical Research Project Manager NSC/2178 301-496-3104 301-480-1080
A. Louise Ritz, M.B.A Clinical Research Program Manager NSC/2188 301-443-5576 301-480-1080
Joanna Vivalda, RN, MBS Clinical Trials Specialist NSC/2192 301-402-1281 301-480-1080
Salina Waddy, M.D. Program Director NSC/2205 301-496-2581 301-594-5929
Office of Translational Research Program Staff (Link)
The NINDS Office of Translational Research supports programs to facilitate the preclinical discovery and development of new therapeutic interventions for neurological disorders
Rajesh Ranganathan, Ph.D. Director, Office of Translational Research NSC/2137 301-496-1751 ------
Chris Boshoff, Ph. D. Program Manager NSC/2152 301-496-1779 301-402-1501
Tracy Chen, Ph. D. Program Manager NSC/2105 301-496-1779 301-402-1501
Charles Cywin, Ph. D. Project Manager NSC/2120A 301-496-1779 301-402-1501
Stephanie Fertig, M.B.A. Research Project Manager NSC/2142 301-496-1779 301-402-1501
David A. Jett, Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2177 301-496-6035 301-402-1501
John Kehne, Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2139 301-402-6833 301-402-1501
Linda McGavern, Ph.D. Program Director NSC/2157 301-496-1779 301-402-1501
Shamsi Raeissi Program Manager NSC/2155 301-496-1779 301-402-1501
Amir Tamiz Program Director NSC/2120B 301-496-1779 301-402-1501
Hao Wang, Ph. D. Program Director NSC/2106 301-496-1779 301-402-1501
Dave Yeung, Ph. D. Project Manager NSC/3277 301-443-7534 ---

Last updated July 30, 2015