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Amita Sehgal, Ph.D.

John Herr Musser Professor of Neuroscience 
Co-Director, Comprehensive Neuroscience Center, University of Pennsylvania Medical School 

Amita Sehgal, Ph.D., is the John Herr Musser Professor at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School, where she is Co-Director of the Comprehensive Neuroscience Center. She is also an investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Dr. Sehgal’s research focuses on the molecular and genetic components of circadian rhythms and sleep. Her studies have helped characterize a molecular clock present in both fruit flies and humans. Her lab also has developed the fruit fly as a model system for studying sleep, showing that the rest phase in flies is a sleeplike state, which should help to answer important questions about the essential need for sleep. Dr. Sehgal serves as an editor for several leading research journals; in 2009, she was elected a member of the Institute of Medicine.

Last Modified January 24, 2012