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Leukodystrophy Press Releases

Potential Weapon against Brain Tumors – Stop Them from Fattening Up
Tuesday, Feb 23, 2010
Two new studies reveal that some kinds of glioblastoma – an aggressive and deadly brain tumor – thrive and spread by turning up their production of energy-rich fat molecules. Finding ways to cut off this energy supply may lead to effective treatments against glioblastoma.

Transplanted Neural Stem Cells Migrate Throughout the Abnormal Brain, Reduce Disease Symptoms
Monday, Jun 7, 1999
For years, researchers have probed the mysteries of neural stem cells -- immature cells that can differentiate into all the cell types that make up the brain -- with the idea that they might be useful for treating brain disorders such as Parkinson's disease. Important new animal research now suggests that these cells may be effective in treating a much broader array of brain diseases than previously anticipated, including Alzheimer's disease and many childhood brain disorders.