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NINDS Director Discusses Neurological Disorders on C-SPAN

                               (Video Courtesy of C-SPAN)

On February 21, 2014, C-SPAN’s Washington Journal interviewed NINDS Director Dr. Story Landis and three other Institute Directors as a follow-up to a December 2013 show on the NIH Campus featuring Dr. Collins and others.

Dr. Landis discussed a wide variety of topics in the half hour interview and call-in segment, ranging from NIH-funded research efforts to the effects of heredity, the impact of neurological disease, the NINDS budget, where NINDS research is carried out, and the roles of particular Institutes and Government Agencies such as the CDC and the FDA. Dr. Landis focused on the ways in which particular NINDS-funded research efforts are contributing to understanding, diagnosing, and treating common neurological disorders such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, concussion, and epilepsy.  She also explained the importance of basic research and the development of neurological research tools in understanding a broad range of neurological disorders, including more than 300 that fall under the NINDS umbrella.

NIH Leadership appearing on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal from February 21, 2014 and December 13, 2013.

Patient information on a particular disorder can be found on the NINDS website at “Disorders A to Z”.

Information on the Connectome can be reached through the NIH Blueprint for Neuroscience Research, the collaboration for shared neuroscience projects mentioned by Dr. Landis at the end of the interview.

Last Modified March 19, 2014